Digital Devices

Echo Spot

Domain navigation

Project summary

A scaleable end-to-end experience built to validate UI and UX direction. Before having actual hardware, we had to create a to-scale model on a tablet to validate interactions. This was then transitioned onto actual device hardware once available. The code was structured in a way to work both on the emulated tablet version and the actual product hardware simultaneously, allowing for a singular code base.

Fast scroll

Project summary

Fast scroll was developed to navigate large lists quickly on a limited screen size. The user is able to scroll a single item at a time using a small swipe action, or use a large swipe action to zoom out into a free scroll mode to quickly navigate through the entire list of items. Once engaged in fast scroll the user enters into a free scroll mode to quickly navigate through the list of items.

Technology used
  • Android SDK
  • Custom TouchEvent Listener
  • BBAD for Android
  • Android Tablet or Echo Spot


Default scroll

velocity = 30; distance = 50px

Fast scroll

velocity = 300; distance = 300px

Remote control

Project summary

The remote control was a powerful tool created to manage multiple devices at the same time. This was essential in presentations to stakeholders in large groups. The diagram below shows how this system works.

It also allows for on the fly adjustment of certain parameters. The remote for Echo Spot included the ability to adjust fast scroll parameters and other in question UX properties.

Technology used
  • node.js
  • JSON
  • Android SDK
  • Android Tablet(s)
  • Echo Spot(s)

Fire TV

Top navigation

Project summary

A quick exploration into how the top navigation should behave on Fire TV. This was included into a single prototype with the ability to switch between models at will.

Fire Tablet [Fire OS]

For You

Project summary

For You was a change from the Recent section, to create a more engaging and personalized experience. A simple carousel was created to show the user relevant information.

Alexa on Tablet

Project summary

An exploration into how Alexa interactions could exist on touch first devices.