Times square launch event

Times Square Takeover

Project summary

For the launch of the new Xbox One console, we were tasked with a 3 hour takeover of around 15 large scale screens located in Times Square, New York. I served as technical lead on this project, which required me to know all of the specs for each billboard, and coordinate with the team to provide the appropriate assets. Some content was provided via Flash or video files. Some were attached to web pages. The specs were different for each screen, as they were all owned by different operators. We consulted with R/GA in New York to help guide and validate our ideas.

Along with a few countdown timers I created for the project, I also concepted and developed the gamerpic shoutout tower, of which you can see more details below.

Gamerpic Shoutout Tower

Mobile website flow
Project summary

I was asked to come up with some kind of interactive experience on location for the event. After some brainstorming, and realizing that the simplest approach could be extremely powerful, the gamerpic shoutout tower was concieved. This created a personalized experience for patrons in Times Square. Users were directed to a mobile site where they could login with their Xbox gamertag. Their name was validated via their Xbox Live account. The user was then allowed to choose from a set of gamerpics to associate with their name.

The gamerpics would cascade down finally reaching its max size on the bottom screen. It was a simple concept with a huge impact on the takeover. In the 3 hours we had over 900 people use the system to give themselves a shout out.

Technology used
  • Responsive HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Xbox Live validation
  • AJAX
  • PHP
  • XML